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Hootan A Hamedani

NAME: Hootan A Hamedani

DOB: Jan. 10th 1972


EDUCATION: (Master of science in Architectural Engineering – National University of Iran (Beheshti

T: +1 (714) 381-81 35



"1- Board Director of California Council of Interior Designers. “CCIDC

(2- "Certified Interior Designer" in the State of California, (CID

(3- "Professional Interior Designer" in Interior Design Society, (IDS

(4- Certified LEED® Accredited Professional (LEED® AP

(5- Registered Licensed Architect in "ICEO": Iranian Construction Engineers Organization 2002. International Associate Member of American Institute of Architects, (Int'l AIA)

6- Hootan Hamedani is the Founder and CEO of Hootan & Associates. His ability in unique leadership and management, has lead the company to be established as one of the best “Interior and Restaurant Design” firms in California and North America


Instagram: Hootan_Associates


Hootan was born in 1972 in IRAN and started his school from third grade when he was seven years old.

His first passion in art started at the age of twelve, he experimented with oil on canvas and water-color and realized how limitless these techniques can be. From that time, he wanted to be an Architect. Six years later, Hootan found his way to the School of Architecture and Urbanism at National (Melli) University, also known as National University of Iran. He graduated in Master’s Degree in Architecture in 1998

Hootan’s Inspiration in Art not only effected in every aspect of his life and design, but also lead him to distribute it by start teaching in university at the age of 21 in Architecture field. After 8 years, he was known as a “outstanding professor of Architecture” in Tehran

Hootan moved to United States in 2002 and continued his abilities in Design by establishing his firm “Hootan & Associates”.

He is working on a new way of expressing one artistic feeling and idea by using several media.

For one single concept, he creates the painting, makes a Clay work and sculpture, write a poem and compose a music. Hootan tries to dig deeper on one feeling with 3 or more different pieces of Art.

On 2016, he started “Hootan Art Studio” as a fashion branch of his company and tried to bound architecture and jewelry design together. His new line of jewelry design, was really successful by using architectural features as a main foundation for designing jewelries. He used Persian turquoise stone in all jewelries in the modern way.

Hootan’s Art Studio is collaborating with different artists and designers in any field in Art. The modern style of Persian turquoise and jewelry design is making “Hootan’s Brand” outstanding.


Bosscat Kitchen & Libation

 Bosscat Kitchen & Libation in Texas

Cream Ice Cream

 Envy Lounge

Local 1205

 Sadaf Restaurant & Bar

Turnip Rose Cafe

 USAePay Office

 USAePay Toy Cafe


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